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Bag2Cash Terms & Conditions

Last updated May 17th 2023

These terms & conditions apply exclusively to our Bag2Cash program. If you want to learn more about our terms & conditions for buying, click here.

How Bag2Cash works.

We(Khuul) examine the items you deliver to us or that we gather from you with the intention of listing your approved items for sale via our services. Once your Bag2Cash kit has undergone processing, we will let you know if any of your items have been approved for sale on our Services. 

Khuul's Bag2Cash service is currently available in Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania and Finland.

What can we sell?

At Khuul, we maintain a high standard when it comes to accepting items. The items we accept to list need to tick a few boxes in our checklist. They must be in good condition - think new or like-new, no stains, odors etc. If necessary, they should be freshly laundered and completely dry. We expect items to be stain-free, without signs of wear like pilling or holes, and definitely no odor. We're all about the latest trends and in-season styles. Plus, authenticity is key. You should also ensure that the items you send are authentic. 

When you're packing your items to sell, be extra careful with delicate items to prevent any damage during shipping.

In our sorting process, we make a valuation of each item you've packed in the Bag2Cash kit. If an item is valued less than 10 EUR, appears not to be in good condition, or deemed unsellable according to our guidelines, we may reject it.

Should you disagree with our assessment, don't worry, we have a process in place. You can request a re-evaluation or even ask to have the items returned within 72 hours. 

What items are eligible for payouts?

See the list below for items we are able to list/eligible for payouts. Note that the brand and condition of an item may impact the valuation of it and whether it is accepted for sale:

  • Clothing

Women's and men's fashion - e.g. shirts, dresses, blouses, trousers, jackets, skirts, sweaters, etc. Vintage clothes as well.

  • Shoes

Sneakers, heels, ballerina shoes, boots, ankle boots, etc.

  • Accessories

Bags, handbags, sunglasses, scarves, hats, briefcases, etc.

What items are ineligible for payouts?

We do not accept anything else besides apparel, in addition we do not accept / are ineligible for payouts:

Children's clothes, counterfeit products, underwear, apparel that originally retailed for less than 20€ & defective clothes.

What happens to unaccepted items or ineligible payouts?

Once your Bag2Cash kit is sorted at Khuul, we'll reach out to you via email. There you will know what items have been accepted and are eligible for payouts. If there are items valued at less than 10 EUR, in poor condition, or not sellable according to Khuul's standards, these will be unmentioned and marked as rejected. But don't worry, you have some choices here: rejected items can be re-evaluated, returned to you, or if you prefer, donated.

For re-evaluation or return of your rejected items, you'll need to make your request within 72 hours through your Khuul account.  If we don't hear from you within these windows, the rejected items will immediately and irrevocably become property of Khuul. Khuul reserves the right to sell unaccepted items to third-party partners or through its commercial channels without any obligation to compensate you for such unaccepted items.

You can request to get rejected items back immediately, without having them re-evaluated first. The option to request a return on rejected items is available for 72 hours. The cost for having rejected items returned is a one-time fee of 5€ in addition to the shipping cost.

Reclaiming unsold items.

Khuul's sales cycle is 2 months per item. If accepted items are unsold after that cycle, you have 72 hours to reclaim them after we have notified you of the end of sales cycle. We charge a 15€ handling fee to cover sorting and shipping cost to return unsold items. If you do not reclaim an accepted item after 72 hours from the end of sales cycle, the item becomes property of Khuul.
Rewards redeemed for free shipping will not be applicable towards reclaim orders.

Ordering a Bag2Cash kit.

Getting a Bag2Cash kit is simple and free. As of May 17th 2023, you need to sign up for our Bag2Cash program here and we will contact you via e-mail. We will ask for information on where to send a clean out kit or if you are in close proximity to our warehouse at Lootsi 8, Tallinn, Estonia, we can also offer a pick-up service. Both for free. Usually, sending and returning clean out kits to us is done for free via Itella Smartpost or Omniva parcel machines. Each kit will contain a shipping label to return and confirmation label on whether you want to donate the clothes or earn comission from the sales.

Your earnings.

Once your item is sold and the buyer keeps the item beyond the eligible 14-day return period, you’ll receive a notification via email on what sold. Then your payout will be based on the final selling price, excluding any logistics surcharge buyers may incur. However, if the item is returned, your consignment window will start where it left off so that your item has more time to sell, and you will be paid out as soon as the item sells for the second time. 

Payouts may be adjusted accordingly if your item is purchased using a discount offer. 

Your commission from the sales is calculated by our payout table. The more expensive things you sell, the bigger amount of the sales value you keep.

For sales of 10-29.99€, we pay out 15-30%
For sales of 30-49.99€, we pay out 30-40%
For sales of 50-99.99€, we pay out 40-60%
For sales of 100-199.9€, we pay out 60-80%
For sales over 200€, we pay out 80%
Once we've notified that one or more of your items has sold, you have a few different options to receive your payout. You can receive payment via bank transfer or PayPal. You can also redeem store credit, which adds additional 20% to your total payout or donate your earnings. You can also wait until the end of the sales cycle to collect your earnings all at once.


Sending the Bag2Cash kit.

Bag2Cash service is available in Estonia, Finland, Latvia & Lithuania. In most cases, we will parcel machines from Omniva or Itella to send and receive the bags.
However, in a maximum of 10km radius of Tallinn, we can also offer a pick-up service, if you have already packed the clothes yourself.
Both of these services are free for you.

In the Bag2Cash kits, you will find a shipping label to return the bag via parcel machine.

Please always ensure that you carefully wrap any fragile items and correctly tape together the kit. We are not liable for any damage, that might occur during transit.

Item pricing & description.

We set the prices for your items based on our knowledge, market prices, condition, brand, size, seasonality and much more. Rest assured, we want to make sure we can find a new owner for your item, while also ensuring you get compensated fairly from the sale of the item. 

Once we have processed your kit and sent a report with the items we will list along with their prices, you have 24h to review and modify the prices should you feel like it.  

In our 2 month sales cycle, we will decrease the price every 2 or 3 weeks slightly, until the item sells. You can monitor the status of your items and should you want to cancel the sale of an active listing, you can do so for a 5€ handling fee. Thereafter you can request to return the item. We will automatically deduct any handling fees from your earnings.

If you feel the item description or title is inaccurate or partial, you can always reach out to us and propose changes.





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